OLT 8820 G – OLT 8 ports GPON with 8 ports Gigabit e 2 slots 10 GE

The OLT 8820 G is a compact device located at the center of the entire network (provider), and from there the fiber optic connections with the GPON signal go out to subscribers’ homes. It has a management system that allows a complete view of the whole network, which facilitates problem solving and fault identification.

Descrição do produto

  • Capacity for up to 512 ONTs / ONUs
Each of the 8 GPON ports of the OLT 8820 G has 2.5 Gbps (downstream) transmission rates at a maximum distance of 20 km and can handle up to 64 ONTs with triple-play services (data, voice and video). That is, the maximum capacity of 1 OLT is to meet up to 512 ONTs (8 ports × 64 ONTs) using splitters, which do not need to be fed.
  • Robust management
Through OLT, in the provider’s environment, it is possible to control all elements of the network, in a simple and easy way, reducing labor costs and avoiding displacements. By centralizing all the configuration and management of the network in a single point, it is possible to guarantee a stable and reliable network generating less costs of maintenance and a greater quality of the service provided.
  • Provisioning
OLT allows you to pre-configure the ONT / ONU prior to installation, with information such as SSID and Wi-Fi password, PPPoE protocol activation, bandwidth among others, avoiding the need for local settings. At the time of installation of the ONT / ONU, all that is needed is to connect it to the network and the user is ready to use the services.
  • 10 Gbps Slots
With two 10Gbps XFP slots already included, Intelbras OLT allows 20Gbps uplink through link aggregation or the creation of a 10Gbps optical ring, increasing the stability and reliability of your network.